Dead Kennedys, Frankenchrist

El mejor disco de los Kennedys por robo…monumental. Esos discos que te sacan el punk que algunos llevamos dentro 😉


  1. “Soup Is Good Food” 4:18 (Jello Biafra/Dead Kennedys)
  2. “Hellnation” 2:22 (D.H. Peligro)
  3. “This Could Be Anywhere (This Could Be Everywhere)” 5:24 (Jello Biafra/Dead Kennedys)
  4. “A Growing Boy Needs His Lunch” 5:50 (Jello Biafra/Dead Kennedys)
  5. Chicken Farm” 5:06 (Jello Biafra/Dead Kennedys)
  6. “Jock-O-Rama (Invasion of the Beef Patrol)” 4:06 (Jello Biafra)
  7. “Goons of Hazzard” 4:25 (Jello Biafra/East Bay Ray)
  8. “M.T.V.  Get off the Air” 3:37 (Jello Biafra)
  9. “At My Job” 3:41 (East Bay Ray)
  10. “Stars and Stripes of Corruption” 6:23 (Jello Biafra/Dead Kennedys)

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